This year God is giving us a unique opportunity to release the blessings of God over your life through a prophetic and symbolic act for our Jubilee Purim and Passover—a season of deliverance and redemption—a season of activation for the return of all that has been stolen.

Friends, we have an opportunity to sponsor 391 grapevines during this spring season. In a biblical number study 391 can represent Yeshua (Salvation). It seems appropriate that during this Jubilee season that we would gather together our My Olive Tree friends and family, and sponsor a vine and receive a cup—a cup representing salvation, redemption, and deliverance.
During this spring season I am asking you to join us in a symbolic planting and sponsor a grapevine in the Negev Desert of Israel and decree these things:
·    Like EstherI have been called for such a time as this and I am answering my call. I am vessel of deliverance and I will be delivered.
·    Like MosesI will “turn and look” and walk out the instruction given to me. I am a vessel of obedience and I will live in obedience to His Word.
·    Like YeshuaI will drink the cup the Father offers me. I am a vessel of salvation and redemption, and I will use my life to bring deliverance, redemption, and salvation to many.
Thank you for joining us in this prophetic act and decreeing that with your grapevine sponsorship—your obedience to the Holy Spirit’s nudging—this Jubilee year is a year of joy, deliverance, redemption, and salvation!
With your sponsorship I am excited to send you a pewter Kiddush Cup, along with a 750ml bottle of My Olive Tree Grape Juice—both from Israel—so that you will always remember that in 5776 you not only received the cup, but you drank from the cup and walked in restored covenant.
Friends, this is our year! Jubilee restoration! Deliverance! Redemption! Salvation!  The power of covenant manifested in our lives…
Are you one of the 391?

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What is Included in the Special Offer

Along with your sponsorship of a Grapevine in the Negev Desert, you will also receive

Certificate of Authenticity

Suitable for framing, and can be made out in the name you wish to honor.


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First Harvest Grape Juice

From YOUR vines!
You should expect to receive your grape juice within the next two to three months.

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Pewter Kiddush Cup

Pewter Kiddush Cup with grapevine design and matching saucer, directly from Israel.


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Passover Lamb CD

Curt Landry takes us on a powerful journey through Psalm 23 and the names of God. "The Passover Lamb" was a night of decrees and declarations!

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